Optimizing the production capacity of your factory may be what you need to meet the growing demand for your products instead of purchasing more equipment.

Engiserve works with businesses in the manufacturing industry in eastafrica to maximize production without necessarily replacing existing equipment (assets). The process involves assessing production processes to identify capacity constraints and determining cost-effective pathways to capacity optimization.

While many factories, hotels,commercial buildings, and institutions have policies on human resource management, environment, health and safety (EHS), finance, and procurement, they do not have an energypolicy yet it is equally important in making them competitive.An energy policy is a formal statement signed by management that outlines an organization’s commitment to managing energy use in a sustainable manner.

Implementation of an energy policy provides a framework for actions such as setting energy performance indicators and targets, employee awareness on energy management, energy monitoring, energyconservation, purchasing  energyefficient equipment and alternative cleanenergy sources among others.These actions in turn lead to reduction of energy use and costs, which makes a business more profitable.

Didyouknow that an electricity bill for a factory, hotel or a commercialbuilding can be reduced by up to 40%?

The process begins with an energy assessment of the facility by a certified energy auditor who identifies strategic energy management opportunities that lead to energysavings and consequent energy costs reduction.

Over the years Engiserve has conducted energy assessments in facilities which have led to a reduction in their electricity and boiler fuel bills.

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